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2 Little Kiwi Birds

Written by Angela Ayers

2 Little Kiwi Birds Book
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2 Little Kiwi Birds

2 LITTLE KIWI BIRDS is Angela’s first Children’s book to be released in a series of 6 with a recorded song downloadable from a QR code in the back of the book.

It is a charming, delightful book of the 2 LITTLE KIWI BIRDS who travel from NZ across to Australia and settle here.

The book is a Map of Australia teaching your little ones the Cities, States and Territories of Australia while singing along to the song.

Listen to the ‘2 Little Kiwi Birds’ song

Written by Angela Ayers        2:17

2 Little Kiwi Birds Song
will be available to download from all music streaming stores from 5th Dec 2022!